The terms and conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) contained herein are applicable to the use of Genting Sifu website (’s), its platform and its mobile application (the “Said Services”) operated by SRI HIGHLANDS CARRIAGE SERVICES SDN. BHD. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) and/or its local operator. Any reference to Genting Sifu shall include SRI HIGHLANDS CARRIAGE SERVICES SDN. BHD. and its local operator.

Your access to and the use of the Services contained herein is subject to your acceptance and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and/or party(ies) who access or use(s) the said Services (‘User’).

By accessing or using these Services you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree either in part or in whole with any of the said Terms, your access to these Services shall be denied.


  1. Genting Sifu is a technical platform provider and not a transportation provider. The platform is to be used to facilitate you as the “Transportation Provider” to offer peer to peer transportation services to the passenger(s). This platform also provides the facility for you as a Transportation User(s) to book and/or engage with the Services rendered by the Transportation Provider.
  2. Genting Sifu’S platform is from an open source based on the Ethereum platform.
  3. The User agrees to a deduction as platform fee(s) for the use of the Services provided by Genting Sifu for every completed trip.
  4. The amount deducted shall shall be regarded as the service fee from the fare decided by the Genting Sifu.
  5. The Genting Sifu’S platform also allows for Transportation User(s) to book their ride with existing Transportation Provider(s).
  6. The Genting Sifu’s platform allows the user(s) to communicate with one another and to engage with their community that they are affiliated to.


  1. There must be strict adherence to Ethical and Professional Conduct that shall be specifically contained herein.
    • The vehicle must be maintained in good condition and regular inspection must be carried out to ensure that the said vehicle is safe, roadworthy and suitable for its intended use.
    • There must be compliance to all traffic laws and regulations imposed by the authorities from time to time.
    • You are not supposed to consume any alcohol, drugs and/or illegal substance before or during the drive.
    • You must maintain proper decorum and dress appropriately as regulated by Genting Sifu and/or the local authority(ies)
    • You shall not engage in reckless driving which may pose as a risk or threat to the passenger(s) safety and wellbeing.
    • You shall provide assistance to the passenger(s) especially to the less able.
    • You shall communicate with the passenger(s) in a polite and non-abusive manner. Any vulgar words or sexual insinuation is strictly prohibited.
    • Any form of misconduct or sexual harassment is strictly prohibited. Genting Sifu may lodge police report against you for any wrong doing which is criminal in nature.
    • Any form of communication with the passenger(s) which is personal and unwarranted is strictly prohibited.
    • You shall always check with the passenger(s) if they have left any item(s) or personal belonging(s) behind. Any item(s) found shall be returned to the passenger(s) or to Genting Sifu’s centre.
    • You shall not engage in job transfer and every accepted job assignment shall be honoured and completed.
    • You shall not practice any form of discrimination.
    • Overcharging passenger(s) shall be viewed seriously. Fares are to be decided by the rates predetermined by the Genting Sifu.
  2. Genting Sifu shall not be responsible for any Services provided by you for any negligence, misconduct and/or wrongdoing towards the passenger(s), other road user(s) and/or other third party(ies).
  3. You shall provide with the necessary private information that is necessary for Genting Sifu’s operation and Genting Sifu is fully authorised to use this information for its operation and for compliance with any enquiries, demands and/or requests made by the relevant authorities. You are NOT allowed to use any information derived from this platform to be used for any other purpose other than to carry out the provision of Services by you, save and except if required by law.
  4. Genting Sifu reserves its right to amend, alter and/or remove its policies relating to any of the Services without prior notice, if deemed necessary.
  5. The Service fare shall be determined by the Genting Sifu and shall be strictly followed by the Transportation Provider.
  6. You are personally liable for all taxes, report(s) and/or disclosure imposed by the relevant authorities.
  7. That you must ensure that your vehicle has adequate insurance coverage to carry out the Services.
  8. The Passenger(s)/Customer(s) may choose to pay for the Services by cash or whenever applicable by credit card or debit card. In the event the Passenger(s) chooses to pay for the said amount by card, all payment due to you shall be held by the local operator and will be remitted to you upon withdrawal request. The cut-off date for withdrawal is on Monday and will be paid out on a weekly basis. (eg. A request for withdrawal made on Monday will be remitted to you the following Wednesday).
  9. Genting Sifu retains the right to suspend the account and refuse to accede to the request for withdrawal when it reasonably believes that the transaction involves fraud, is illegal and/or may contain some form of criminal activities and/or is in breach of Genting Sifu’S terms and conditions contained herein. In the event Genting Sifu discovers any misuse of the Genting Sifu Platform or other action that can be deemed as prejudicial to the operation and interest of Genting Sifu, Genting Sifu has the absolute right to suspend the said account and take any action necessary which include legal proceedings such as injunction (but not limited to) and seek damages.
  10. Genting Sifu retains the right to suspend any Transportation Provider and/or Transportation User and/or any participant on the Genting Sifu Platform upon enquiry for misconduct, breach of Genting Sifu’S terms and conditions and/or wrongdoing.
  11. You are required to cooperate in any inquiry conducted by Genting Sifu and/or its local operator and/or the relevant authorities in respect of any internal investigation and/or instruction from the authorities.
  12. You shall assist Genting Sifu to verify any tax credit, set-off, rebate and/or refund in connection with the Services supplied by you pursuant to this Agreement.
  13. Genting Sifu’S services may contain link to third party websites and/or services that are not owned and/or controlled by Genting Sifu and you shall be fully responsible to verify and undertake full responsibilities verify the content, policies and/or terms of use of these sites/applications/services. Genting Sifu shall not bear any responsibility in respect of any losses and/or damage suffered as a result of this third parties.
  14. The Transportation User(s) in using the Genting Sifu’s platform also agrees to be bound by the rates determined by Community and shall not hold Genting Sifu accountable for any losses, damages and/or injury(ies) suffered as a result of the use of the said Services.
  15. The Transportation User(s) further undertakes to take all precautionary measure(s) to prevent any untoward incident(s) from happening and immediate report such incidence(s) to Genting Sifu immediately.
  16. The User(s) understand(s) that the platform consists of various communities and Genting Sifu retains the absolute discretion to terminate, alter, impose conditions or to take over administration of such communities if deemed necessary.


I hereby certify that all of the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge and agree to adhere to all the rules and regulations as stated above

SRI HIGHLANDS CARRIAGE SERVICES SDN. BHD. may share this information for Prevention and Detection of Crime for the safety of the community. Any applications containing false statement may lead to invalidity of application or permanent deactivation.

Having read and understood the contents of this form, I hereby authorize any of the Company’s appointed agents to conduct a background check as necessary. The Company has the rights to suspend or terminate any applicants if found guilty of fraud or misuse of information or deemed unsuitable.

In the event you require further clarification of the said terms and conditions kindly contact us.