To carry on business as organizer, promoter, provider, operator and arranger of all types of services including hire of cars for all kinds of motor transport such as taxi, car & limousine taxi (Teksi Eksekutif) etc.

To operate taxi transport and hiring for any period or number of journeys of taxi, car & limousine to be conveniently carried throughout.

We provide two categories/types of taxi services, namely; Executive Taxis which are metered taxi and Hire Cars which are non-metered.


Executive Taxis (metered) First Kilometer at RM 6.00 and the subsequent kilometers at RM 2.00 per kilometer
First 2 minutes or less at RM 6.00 and subsequently 20 cents for every 21 seconds or any part thereof.
Hire Car (non-metered) Operates from Kuala Lumpur to Genting and vice-versa. The charges are based on approved fares given by the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board which are displayed at the taxi counter.

Toll charges are to be paid by passengers
Additional charges of 50% will be imposed from midnight to 6.00 am.

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